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The Corona Technology Course consists of 14+ hours of learning the experience of a 30 year veteran of electric utility high voltage from the test lab (indoor and outdoor) on through current consulting on bucket truck forensics and international standards, bare hands line worker instructor and a very interactive learning experience conducted by an easy to talk to about your cureent problems person. This course is for engineering staff who will be responsible for designing substations and transmission lines, substation and transmission line supervisors, high voltage hardware manufacturers design staff, manufacturing and testing staff, forensic engineering staff, and standards engineers.

The Corona Technician Examination is developed and reviewed. The examination will be 100 multiple choice questions about electrical high voltage and the test equipment for detection of corona, flash-over and arcing. The examination will verify understanding of the Corona Technology Course instruction and award of the Corona Technician Certification.

The Corona Test Equipment Operation and Reporting is one 1+ hour session that will bring each attendee a level of competence in the operation of and understanding of the test equipment, limitations and correct applications for each type of test equipment. With hands-on observe images through an ultraviolet or bi-spectral corona camera as used during bright sunlight or during low-light conditions. The operator will also learn the physics of corona and the information needed to produce a quality report that contains the information in detail allowing the correct identifcation and repair of the problem, a report document that can be repeated by future investigations, or used to "trend" observations requiring further investigation. Also discussed will be the interference signals and false indications. All of these indications and reports will be described in detail by pictures and other presentation materials including hands-on use of the test equipment to demonstrate the proper use and collection of reportable video. This course is instructed by Dan Ninedorf who has ten years of corona camera experience and 14 years of infrared experience and 40 years of electrical testing and high voltage experience ranging from radar and communications through power plant installation, staffing, start-up and operations. The past 20 years as chief of a company with marketing and sales of many types of electrical, mechanical and optical test equipment to universitys, industrial production Q.C. testing, and many more applications.

The Corona Technology Courses are to educate those who use and need this high voltage experience to do there daily jobs and develop predictive maintenance programs for high voltage equipment. Test equipment manufacturers are solicited and kindly furnish us with literature for course use and your future reference about there test equipment and as available demonstration models of the latest models of test equipment may be used to demonstrate Corona and RFI detection. Any Sales personnel attending the course are not to use class time to market there products

The Corona Technology Course may also be scheduled in a specific location to insure the course is available where you want to attend. Please don't delay sign-up today.

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