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         In Remembrance of James R. Booker P.E.


James R. Booker, P.E.

The late James R Booker P.E. had 30 years of electrical utility experience from distribution thru 1200 kV AC in the field and test labs.

Jim was President of James R. Booker Consulting Inc. where Jim taught bare hand line workers and certification, aerial lift certification and provides electrical high voltage consulting services.
Jim was the author of several articles and publications as well as a holder of multiple patents on ACSR cable analysis equipment. Jim was a Member IEEE Management of Existing Overhead Lines Group.

Dan Ninedorf

Electronics technician and electrical power technician with 30 years of testing and high voltage experience.
The range of experience includes sea duty military service, new construction and rehab of ocean-going racing boats, paper, plastics, and wood manufacturing machinery, hydro power plants erection and start-up, staffing and operation of hydro and combustion power plants and then ten years of helping utilities and industry select test equipment to meet there needs.

Dan is President of Ox Creek Energy which coordinates the Corona Technology Course and produces the CoronaGram.

Conductor corona indicates RFI/TVI noise source. What else is going on in this cable?
Come to the corona course to find out the answers to this and many more of your questions.
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