Corona Technology Crossword 1

Corona Technology Crossword Puzzle 1

Questions for Corona Technology Crossword 1:

Across: 1. What changes with elevation, 4. Noise maker, 7. What corona loss costs, 10. Main cause of rust, 13. How ACSR conductors fail, 15 What line failures can cost, 16. Noise on the radio & TV

Down: 2. Cold stuff, 3. Car eater, 5 Frying eggs sound, 6. Acid rain, 8. Keeps voltage from ground, 9. How fast Mother Nature blows, 11. Lightning, 12. Air insulation strength factor, 14. Not made right

Please print out the above crossword puzzle. When your crossword is complete, send your crossword page by telecopy to 608-589-5509. The date and time your puzzle is received will be indicated by the receiving fax machine. Each correct crossword page (1 per person, no combinations of people or pages allowed) received during the next 30 days can be credited $25.00 toward the Corona Technology Course or the first 25 correct puzzles can elect to receive a Corona Hat. Include your email address on your submittal so we can contact you for a snail mail address we may send the hat to if in the first 25 correct responses and the hat is selected.

A new Corona Crossword Puzzle will be announced by email about monthly.

Please contact with any questions.