Corona Technology Course

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Suspension Insulators

An explanation, diagrams and video of the cause and effect of contamination, corona damage, dry band arcing, manufacturing problems, electrical stress effect and distribution on suspension or cap and pin type insulators and insulator strings. These insulators are usually redundant in a string making multiple puncture failures possible before flash-over occurs, the video describes how to determine failed insulators thus increasing system reliability.

Post Insulators

A cause and effect explanation, diagrams and video of voltage distribution due to contamination resulting in the failure of post type insulators. These insulators are usually redundant in a stack thus usually explosive failure occurs with secondary insulator failure. The video explains how to locate primary failed insulators thus increasing system reliability.

Non-Ceramic Insulators

A history of the non-ceramic insulator field failure causes and the application experience limits of current NCI designs. These insulators typically exhibit continuous corona at there defects due to the electrical stress present. The video explains how to reduce NCI failures due to proper installation and how to locate the defects that have occurred.


The conductor, whether a single strand or a multi-conductor bundle, insulated conductors, and the common problems are discussed ranging from corrosion, contamination, induced charges from electric fields and the magnetic field, and aging characteristics. Methods to determine conductor condition and remaining conductor life.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Numerous inspection reports with video examples of where to look for electrical stress including constructing an airborne phase-to-phase bridge, contamination causing corona, cable bends creating enclosure corrosion and destroying insulating properties, bus corona and examples of switchgear cleaned while energized reducing downtime for maintenance.

Electric Motors - Transformers

The contaminants in insulating oil, the effects of RAD in rotating machinery, picture and video examples of corona, overheating, and numerous problems.

This segment helps to tie together concepts with real-world examples in the classroom.

Bucket Trucks

Numerous examples of bucket truck insulating boom failures and why. How the corona is affected by corona ring design, what is acceptable and what is not, applied voltage changes and other problems to watch for. James R. Booker, P.E. is a bare-hand line worker instructor to 765 kVAC and has tested bucket trucks up to 900 kVAC for service on 765 kVAC transmission lines.

Test Equipment - Testing Tricks

A thorough presentation of the various types of test equipment useful and necessary for corona and arcing detection, including pictures and video of the different technologies detecting corona and arcing in various types of equipment, conditions and how to be successful at using what you have to isolate the problem, knowing when to add each technology as you are troubleshooting.

Including Sections About

Understanding Relative Air Density (RAD)

This combination of variables is presented by James R. Booker, P.E. who has first hand documented RAD in test lab experience and explains multiple examples of how RAD affects all electrical applications but is primarily focused on high voltage. This will provide an understanding of RAD allowing better application of materials to provide a more reliable product, be it an electric power system or an electric motor.

Understanding Electrical Stress

The unseen Electrical Stress with unique destructive forces of materials. James R. Booker, P.E. explains Electrical Stress in layman terms and describes where to look for it, what it does and why, how to reduce the stress to acceptable levels, and examples of induced potential. Jim operated a high voltage test facility capable of two million volts AC.

Dry Corona and Dry-band Arcing

This is where the interface among testing technologies and outwitting an elusive electrical phenomenon determines whether the lights stay on. Any of several types of contamination sets the stage for this along with an electroplating action to coat energized insulators of all types. Normal electrical stress fields are disturbed by the contamination coating the insulators. These electrical stress fields can be intensified for enough time to irreversibly damage a material and set in motion a continuing destructive chain of events.

Corona Sleuth - Other Presentations

A summary of presentations by James R. Booker, P.E. of J.R. Booker Consulting Inc., Chuck Humphrey of Highvec Canada Inc. and Dan Ninedorf of Ox Creek Energy Assoc Inc. Within these presentations are pictures, explanation text, and audio which explain a development of the state-of–the-art corona technology and pointers of where the capabilities, fringes, basic science, and future testing capabilities may be. This will enable development of your in-house staff presentations.

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